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I’m the all-in-one digital marketing team for established not-for-profit organizations who want to create value for their members and partners in an online world.

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What I do

As a jack-of-all-trades digital marketing consultant, I help not-for-profit organizations generate revenue by bettering their digital marketing tactics and building creative online education platforms to help establish stronger, recurring relationships between their sponsors, members, and partners.


What motivates me

I love to help others and always strive to attribute my work to a cause greater than the bottom line. I look for philanthropic and sustainable development goals when seeking to join a new company or organization.


I'm motivated by intelligent and passionate leaders.

I'm always trying to become a better one myself.


My strengths

I’m eager to solve difficult problems by consulting stakeholders, broadening my perspective, and simplifying complex terms.

I don’t wait to get going; I’m a self-starter who’s excellent and initiating ideas, activities and direction when working on my own, and I energize others to participate when I work with a team.

I’m vision-driven, working assertively to exceed expectations and hit goals for teams and organizations whose values align with mine.

I thrive when I have many tasks on the go at once; paralleling tasks and a strong ability to prioritize my time allow me to stay on top of several fast-paced projects simultaneously.

I easily connect and sympathize with others, even when I disagree with them, which translates into exceptional customer service and a unique ability to mitigate public relations concerns and anticipate discord.

I feel relaxed and confident when presenting in front of large or small groups, bringing poised and engaging messages to audience while empowering others to speak up as well.

How can I help you?


Corporate Event


Digital Marketing Tools

Graphic Design
Web Design
Graphic Design
Video Editing
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Digital Marketing

Web Design

Virtual conference websites, digital portfolios, landing pages, directories, contact pages, blogs, and more!

Video Editing

Need to combine multiple video recordings into one video? Want to make a bigger statement with your awards slideshow? I can help you edit videos to spice up your digital media content.

Graphic Design

Social Media Graphics, Logos, Brochures, Posters…you name it, and I'll make it for you.

Video Captioning

3 Reasons You Should Caption Your Videos:

- Indexing For SEO
- A Better User Experience
- Improve Average Watch Time



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