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I help synthesize complex ideas into simple,

creative written and visual content.

As a consultant and freelancer, I've combined my creative eye & ability to problem solve to support organizations in achieving their strategic marketing goals by bettering their digital and print marketing tactics, helping them reach new audiences and establish better relationships with their customers, members, and partners.

I love to help others and always strive to attribute my work to a cause greater than the bottom line. I look for philanthropic and sustainable development goals when seeking to join a new company or organization.

I'm motivated by strong, passionate leaders. I'm always trying to become a better one myself.

Some of my strengths:

  • Perceptive worldview with a strong ability to analyze difficult problems and recognize potential solutions.

  • Excellent at initiating ideas, activity, and direction for a team or organization and energizing others to participate.

  • Works assertively towards goals for a team/organization at large.

  • Easily juggles many tasks simultaneously while maintaining a keen awareness of the status of each.

  • Exceptional people skills and emotional intelligence that translate to good customer service and public relations.

  • Excellent in presentations to large or small groups by bringing a poised, confident, and engaging message to audiences. 

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