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The desire to promote the welfare of others

Ever since participating in Relay For Life in my Junior Year of high school, I have dedicated myself to ensuring that my focus is not only on my personal development, but on the betterment of those around me. I'm fortunate enough to have come from an advantaged home to two well-educated and loving parents who've set me on a good course for future success. As I continue to hold a privileged position in society as a white male, I will seek to use my voice to advocate for the issues that are most important to me.

Cancer Research

I will be participating in my 6th Relay for Life in March 2019. Relay For Life is a festival-like fundraising event where team members take turns walking around a track or designated path. Each year, I have sought out to raise at least $500. Each year, I have reached that goal.

In the past two years, I have worked with Carleton University's Relay For Life organizing committee to provide photos to use for promoting their own fundraising campaigns, or the overall campaign of Carleton University's event. You can follow our school's progress by clicking below.


Carleton University looks to raise $130,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Last year, I raised $879.00 for the Canadian Cancer Society. My goal is this year is to raise $1000 dollars by March 9th 2019. Join me in the fight against cancer by donating to my page below. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Track Carleton's Relay for Life

Men's Health

Movember Campaign

Men are facing a societal challenge, stigmatizing the act of speaking out about mental illness. Typically, men are expected to be strong and indestructible (the phrase "suck it up" comes to mind). Regardless of age, we must help change the way we speak about men's mental health so that we can begin reducing the rate of suicide and mental illness among this gender. 

Last November, I participated in the Movember Foundation's philanthropic cause to raise awareness of this issue and raise funds for lifesaving research into men's' mental health. Over the course of 30 days, I raised $120 towards my team's total of $4,212 and will make it my goal to raise that bar this year. 

Meanwhile, I continue to spread this message to others, especially to my older colleagues and family who have often been victim of this stigma more than myself.

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Healthy Relationships

South Carleton High School

Upon request in January of 2017, I joined three other members of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity to speak to Grade 9 students on the importance of maintaining healthy relationships in life. This talk mostly centred around healthy relationships in terms of dating, which was especially important as these impressionable students entered a new high school environment. 

As a son of two loving and caring parents, it was my mission to emphasize the importance of mutual respect, open communication, and dignity to younger students. Using my position as a member of a fraternity was especially vital: with the negative stigma that surrounds Greek Letter Organizations, and especially fraternities, I wanted to make sure that I left a lasting impression on these students as a positive role model. 

Feminism and Gender Equality

While I am most passionate about feminism, I consider it a duty and a responsibility to use my voice as an executive member of a fraternity to advocate the equality between genders to fellow men and to the greater community.


This past year, I have helped support VAV, or "Voices Against Violence". My amazing girlfriend, Maddy, is an executive member for this campus organization, whose goal is to put a stop to gender-based violence. It seeks to raise funds and consciousness to unify and strengthen the existing anti-violence movement, and to lay the groundwork for new educational endeavours at Carleton and in the wider Ottawa community.

If you are also passionate about this cause, please feel free to donate below to the Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre.

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Additionally, one of the initiatives that our fraternity has made sure to support was the Vigil for Violence Against Women, which took place on December 6th.

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